LOST 4 cd cover by SoundChaserStudios

LOST is now over….What a great conclusion. I don’t know if they are going to release a final CD soundtrack of Michael Giacchino’s music, but If they do I hope I get to design that one as well.

We have just posted the LOST 4 CD soundtrack design in the portfolio of the studio (with the first 3 to be posted soon!) link: LOST soundtrack CD Design

LOST 4 CD booklet spread 2

Here is the one of the alternate covers I designed, but for contact issues we had to use the cast composite shot (I have no idea how that group shot was cleared?)

LOST4 CD cover alternate by SoundChaserStudios

LOST4 soundtrack CD cover alternate by SoundChaser Studios

Some Video Clips on Michael Giacchino’s LOST

Michael Giacchino – Jacob Theme LOST

LOST: Michael Giacchino Live in Concert Documentary (Part 1/3)

Some explanations of instrumentation, sounds and arranging on LOST score

BLOOPERS – season 4

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