Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012

If you are an artist of *any* kind, you NEED to watch this utterly inspirational and captivating speech. I would have loved to have heard this while I was starting out as a filmmaker, but even now I’m truly energized and excited by this timeless wisdom. Thank you, Neil!!

The Prophecy Of The Native American Elders

Native American elder speaks of the forthcoming consequences America faces as a result of todays lifestyle.

art-o-mat_tskwThe Art-O-Mat cigarette (ART) vending machines

The awesome recycled cigarette vending machines TURNED ART!! I came across this from my friend Al Quattrocchi at TornadoDesign in LA, on there links page..very fun, cool, and retro turned contemporary!!

The Cove – Save the Dolphins

Help save the dolphins. The Cove Inspired by the Oscar-winning feature documentary THE COVE, stars from film, TV and music band together to help save Japan’s dolphins. Please sign the petition and help us get the word out,