Seth-macfarlane-album-coverSeth MacFarlane – MUSIC IS BETTER THAN WORDS

Universal Republic Records has signed Television Executive Producer/Actor Seth MacFarlane, the multi-talented creator behind the hit Emmy winning FOX Animated Series Family Guy. MacFarlane will record and deliver a fully orchestrated album of 1940s and ‘50’s classic show tunes, scheduled to hit stores and online platforms later this year. With his recent Emmy nomination for Music & Lyrics this year, MacFarlane felt that the timing was right to release his debut solo album.

art-o-mat_tskwThe Art-O-Mat cigarette (ART) vending machines

The awesome recycled cigarette vending machines TURNED ART!! I came across this from my friend Al Quattrocchi at TornadoDesign in LA, on there links page..very fun, cool, and retro turned contemporary!!

SFA_ed_0197_JGoldsmithP_860Jerry Goldsmith LIMITED EDITIONS

The photograph of Jerry Goldsmith’s podium from the Rudy motion picture music scoring session is a available as a limited edition!

SFA_ed_0154_MockbirdTre780nbTo Kill A Mockingbird cover art limited edition

Drawings from the Varese Sarabande To Kill A Mockingbird CD are available as a Limited Edition FA giclees.